Libby Gerber hired Laura in 2011.  Libby says,

“Laura is professional, knowledgeable, and very easy to spend time with (which we discovered you do a lot of with your realtor!).

Laura had sage advice on everything from neighborhoods, to resale considerations, to negotiation strategies. As first-time home-buyers we had many questions. Laura is fantastic at answering these questions in a clear, simple and intelligent way. When we asked her silly questions, she answered them without ever making us feel silly for asking! Laura was so great at giving advice without being pushy. We felt like we could ask her advice and she would support our decision even if it wasn’t what she had suggested.

I also really appreciated how well she walked us through the process and paperwork so that we could understand everything we were signing.

Laura always went out of her way to provide excellent service in terms of schedule flexibility as well. She even accompanied me to the city Department of Planning and Development to find out if we could get a construction permit for a property we were interested in buying and remodeling!

I will recommend Laura to all of my friends, and she will be the first person we call whenever we want to buy or sell another property!”


Jane Patterson, hired Laura as a Real Estate Agent in 2004, and hired Laura more than once.  Jane says,

“Laura has been our Realtor for two different house purchases, and has been wonderful both times. She has a real talent for finding properties that match what you are really wanting, and being upfront about whether or not a property is a good fit. I recommend her unreservedly.” September 30, 2007

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity


John Hedtke, hired Laura as a Real Estate Agent in 1997, and hired Laura more than once.  John says,

“I first hired Laura in 1997 when I was looking to buy a house for myself. She was very patient with me moving through the buying process and did a lot of handholding. She was great! Laura also aimed me at the world’s greatest mortgage broker who cut me a great deal.

I stayed in touch with Laura over the years and, in 2002, when I needed to sell my house to follow my fiancee to her new job in the Midwest, Laura (then at Lake) again provided brilliant comprehensive support and expertise.

I always felt like I got more than I’d paid for and I was very, very happy with the quality of her representation. I’m sorry that I had to move from Seattle, but I know that if we ever move back to the Puget Sound, I’m going to hire Laura yet again.

I recommend her to absolutely anyone who wants a first-rate real estate agent for any level of home or apartment building.” February 9, 2009

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative


Kathleen Fitzgerald says:

“Laura found me a husband, 2 cats and a dog. I would absolutely trust her to find me a house.”